Bamboo Eyes® Story

Tired with the constant battle to keep his eyewear clean, Melbourne born Founder, Julian Szuba, started research and development of the Bamboo Eyes Spec Shaker Kit in August 2018.

Julian found that current cleaning methods only targeted the lens, forgetting about the frame, hinges, nose bridge, fine divots of tiny screws and the area between the lens and frame. These methods also cause damage to eyewear leaving scratches, swirl marks and corrosion. This is when Julian knew it was time to create a complete eyewear cleaning solution that was safe and easy to use.

The Bamboo Eyes Spec Shaker Kit has been designed for people who clean their eyewear. After seeing how much waste was being produced from other cleaning methods, Julian kept the environment in mind when developing the Bamboo Eyes Cleaning Solution.

Julian felt that if he could offer a complete cleaning solution for people of all ages, that suited glasses of all shapes and sizes, reduced waste, was sustainable and easy to store, then the era of outdated, untested, non-specific and harmful eyewear cleaning methods would be over and…

…the Bamboo Eyes Spec Shaker was born.

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