Tech Specs

Inside The Kit

    • Bamboo Eyes® Spec Shaker
    • Bamboo Eyes® Cleaning Solution
    • Bamboo Eyes® Cleaning Cloth

Bamboo Eyes® Spec Shaker

    • Fits all sizes and types of eyewear (sunglasses, spectacles, protective eyewear, frameless and framed) between 120 mm and 150 mm in length, up to 60mm in frame height and 60mm in folded depth.
    • In combination with Bamboo Eyes Cleaning Solution and water, the Bamboo Eyes Spec Shaker will remove dirt, grime and bacteria between the lens and frame, nose bridge, branding, arms, hinges and lens.
    • Transparent green Bamboo Eyes Spec Shaker allows you to keep a close eye on your glasses and see they are safe throughout the entire process.
    • Each natural bamboo lid is one of a kind, making your Bamboo Eyes Spec Shaker the only one on the planet!
    • The black spring is manufactured from soft plastic. This is what allows you to use your Bamboo Eyes Spec Shaker with so many eyewear sizes safely.
    • Once you place your eyewear inside the Bamboo Eyes Spec Shaker and close the lid, the spring will gently compress so that your glasses perfectly match the size of the shaker and do not rattle around during the wash.
    • The spring has been engineered and tested to ensure that your eyewear is held safely and securely throughout the cleaning process.
    • Double-sided spring is suitable for small to large glasses (kids glasses up to oversized sunglasses).
    • For glasses made of timber, wood or bamboo, check with your manufacturer to see if they have been waterproofed correctly prior to use.

Bamboo Eyes® Cleaning Cloth

    • The Bamboo Eyes Cleaning Cloth is 30 cm x 37.5 cm.
    • Large design so that you don’t need to touch your freshly cleaned eyewear with your oily hands. Most generic microfibre cleaning cloths are small and square, whereas the Bamboo Eyes Cleaning Cloth is a large, elongated rectangle to ensure you have enough grip and material to wipe down the body and lenses.
    • The cloth is made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, the best material combination to dry and polish your glasses.
    • The crinkle-cut edge helps you to dry hard to reach crevices and get into the finer detailed parts of your eyewear.
    • Wash by hand or in a washing machine with cold water only, using a bleach-free detergent that is free from fabric softener and air dry.

Bamboo Eyes® Cleaning Solution

    • 30ml in each bottle.
    • One Bamboo Eyes Cleaning Solution lasts up to 12 weeks or more.
    • Readily biodegradable and lasts for up to a week, allowing for multiple uses.
    • Non-damaging full-strength cleaning solution appropriate for metal, plastic, rubber, timber, wood, and bamboo.