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What Our Customers Say About Us

I used to always clean my glasses under running water. When I saw this kit on Kickstarter I was intrigued if a tad sceptical. Having tried it it really works. It’s easy to use and you can see the lenses are clean when you lift the specs out of the liquid. When you’ve polished them up they really sparkle.


I have been in touch with Julian when the product was still a prototype and receive the product recently. I can’t believe how amazing my glasses are, so clear, no streaks and so easy to use! I highly recommend this wonderful product to anyone.


My glasses have never been so clean. The shaker is very easy to use and leaves my glasses sparkling, it gives you a new look on life around you. Thank you very much for such a fantastic product, I will be looking out for your next opportunity to invest in any new products you release.