Handy Tip: Don't wait until your lenses and frames are destroyed.

Michelle, a customer of Bamboo Eyes, wrote to us last week saying that she had damaged her sunglasses by not washing them until 5 days after she had been at the beach.

Big no no!

Michelle was so frustrated and upset because these sunglasses cost her $200.

The salt from the beach had left spots all over Michelle's sunglasses and permanently damaged them.

This is just one very frustrating example of why you need to clean your sunglasses and eyeglasses on a daily basis. 

Dust, dirt, grime, body oils, makeup (and what ever else) is very damaging to your eyewear. You can avoid this damage and big financial cost by taking 30 seconds out of your day to give your glasses a safe and thorough wash / clean through your Bamboo Eyes SPEC SHAKER

So make it a habit and part of your daily routine. Leave your SPEC SHAKER at the kitchen sink, at the office, in your car, in the bathroom or wherever it is that you know you go to at least once per day so that you don't forget about cleaning those dirty glasses.

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