Frustrated with lens wipes, lens sprays & microfiber cloths because they don't deliver their promises?

For too long we have been using lens wipes, lens sprays and microfiber cloths to clean our eyeglasses, and in the end all we get is frustrated because they just don't work. Our lenses are left with smudges and smears of dirt and grime, swirl marks and scratches from using poor cleaning techniques and our frames are still so dirty because none of these cleaning methods are designed to clean them.

Let's dig into each of the three eyeglasses / sunglasses cleaning methods a little further.

  1. Lens wipes.

They are designed to clean your lenses through the action of wiping. But where does all the dirt and grime go? How are the hard dirt particles lifted off the lens surface prior to wiping to avoid scratching? How much waste does it cause per day/year? Do they contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or ammonia that will strip protective coatings? Are you left with smudges and smears of oily residue?

  1. Lens sprays

Exactly like lens wipes, the cleaning technique used here does not lift / remove dirt and grime prior to using the cloth, it simply moves it around, pushes it into the gap between the lens and frame and the rest stays in your small microfiber cloth that you pack away into that little case. Now, the next time you use that microfiber cloth, it will be packed with tiny hard particles of dirt and will act as sandpaper on your lens. Not cool!

  1. Microfiber cloth

Ah, the old tiny and dry microfiber cloth we have kept in our glasses case since the day we bought them. It’s been in there for days, weeks, months and in some cases, years. It collects dust, dirt, sand, makeup, oils and who knows what else. It’s so small that it can barely fit into one hand which means we are holding our glasses with our dirty hands during the clean, pointless.

Not only does this cleaning method uses a dry cloth (dry cloths do not lift dirt, they move it around), it does not remove hard particles prior to cleaning which means you are smearing, scratching, smudging and rubbing all the above into your lenses and frame. It is absolutely destroying your glasses. What a waste!

These are all questions and things to think about when you are looking for a glasses cleaning product moving forward.

So, to sum up…….

  • Remove hard particles prior to wiping (rinse)
  • Ensure your glasses are wet when cleaning / drying with a microfiber cloth
  • Avoid products that contain alcohol, ammonia and other harsh chemicals
  • Do it right for the environment (no more lens wipes)
  • Wash and store your microfiber cloths properly
  • Use a large microfiber cloth that fits in both hands
  • Wash your hands prior to cleaning your glasses

Yes, it seems like all the above is a lot to consider when cleaning your eyewear so that’s why we created the Bamboo Eyes® SPEC SHAKER. It’s the world’s first eyeglasses lens and frame cleaning kit that will gently and thoroughly clean your glasses in under 30 seconds.

Click here to check it out and start cleaning your glasses they way they ought to be.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our support team via email

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