How to Improve Your Eye Health-3 Eye Health Tips

Looking to improve your eye health? People often ask about what they can do to better take care of their eyes. If you value your health and eyesight, then incorporating these tips should be helpful. After a routine eye exam, these are the top 3 tips I like to discuss so that people can take better care of their eyes and prevent vision loss.

Eye Health Tip 1: Eat Healthy

The first tip is to eat healthy. The retina in the back of the eye is the most highly metabolic tissue in the body and requires a lot of antioxidants to protect itself from oxidative damage and inflammation. Green leafy vegetables are rich in Lutein which has been found to be great for your eyes.

Eye Health Tip 2: Protect from Sunlight Damage

Wearing sunglasses and protecting the eyelids from sunlight damage by wearing a wide brimmed hat can also help reduce eye strain as well as prevent future eye disease from UV light exposure.

Eye Health Tip 3: Clean Lashes Daily

I also encourage people to clean their eyelashes on a daily basis. That is because a lot of people neglect to clean their eyelids and eyelashes and it is common to see inflammation of the eyelids and dry eye as a result.

Disclaimer: This information is not meant for medical diagnosis or treatment. You should follow up with your local healthcare provider regarding all matters related to your health.

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