The Benefits Of Modern Eyewear Care

This is how you and your glasses have benefited by making the change to modern eyewear care with Bamboo Eyes products.

1. Scratches and swirl marks be gone!

With Spec Shaker's touch-less cleaning technology, you've eliminated the risk of scratching or leaving swirl marks on your lenses like you would have when using lens wipes, lens sprays, tissues or your shirt. This damage used to occur when you didn't remove hard particles from your lenses and frames prior to cleaning your glasses. Not only does this now save your eyes from having to see through damaged lens coatings, it also saves you money from having to replace your glasses more often than you should.

2. Frustration free days, every day!

Every morning you wake up, do your morning routine and wash your glasses or sunglasses with Spec Shaker. You put them on your face and guess what, no more smudges or smears! Just perfectly clean glasses. Gone are the old days where you would try to clean them with whatever way you used to, only to find they were still covered, smeared and smudged in dirt and grime. Now go off and enjoy every day knowing that you've got one less thing to be frustrated about. Remember it's the small things that count. 

3. Saving the planet, one wash at a time!

I'm calling out all those used to be lens wipes, wet wipes, tissues and anything else one use users...because I used to be one of them. The amount of rubbish we created over our lifetimes was HUGE! Using 1, 2, 3 or more lens wipes per day. That's 365 to 1,095+ lens wipes that each of us used and contributed to landfill every year. I don't even want to think about what that mountain of waste would even begin to look like. Don't worry. You and me are now the eco-friendly eyewear cleaning folks among our family and friends because we use Bamboo Eyes biodegradable cleaning solution that can be poured down the sink without harming the environment. Go us!

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